We've finished the insulation and drywall for the control room and have hung one of many doors. 
Construction on the new studio is well under way! The room has been cleaned and cleared. The recessed lighting is in. The north wall/window and the double wall & windows that separate the control room from the tracking room have been framed (each with its own dedicated circuits) and now we're ready for the final electrical installation. Everything seems to be falling into place...with only minor hiccups.
Find us easier than ever with our new site address:  adelinepdx.com
Happy holidays everyone! Another step closer to the new year and new tracking & mixing rooms! Come back often for updates and details.
    Nov. 21st, 2010 - The first phase of construction has an end in sight! There was a big clean-out this weekend, soon we will move on to the long-awaited build!
Things are changing here at Adeline, PDX! We will be under construction for a few months! The website is being completely redone. There is going to be a totally new media/download section, making it easier than ever to hear the newest local bands!      We are also updating the iso booth, building a new control room and live-room...nearly rebuilding the entire studio! But rest assured, we'll be fully functional in the meantime!