We are in pre-production on a PodCast project that will be matching up voice actors with writers. It will be a weekly feature of a short story, read by an actor, in the style of an audio book. Production time is approaching! There are over 30 writers and actors involved so stay tuned for more news (and iTunes links).
Interested in designing the logo? Direct message or email Gabe.
We celebrate the release of Adeline's first compilation album at Migration Brewing Co. with all of the bands involved. Downloads available here and through BandCamp.
The Adeline Music & Sound compilation has been recorded and is currently awaiting mastering. The album features nine of the most promising up-and-comers in the Portland area. The release is scheduled for late July or early August. Details to follow.
New studio pictures up on the Media page.
Setting sail on a flagship PodCast radio station from Adeline Music & Sound Studios. Preproduction is underway. Programs & topics will cover the many aspects of music & sound, of course, but will feature topics & experts on consumer/business law, studio construction, audio/astro-physics, electronic music/remixing tutorials, etc.
Stay tuned for program details.
New wood floors installed in the live room, pics coming soon.
The big news this month -besides finishing up the soundproofing in the studio- is our AmazonLocal deal starting this week! Bands and singers be sure to sign up promptly, there are only a limited number of vouchers available.
The electricity and lighting install was a full success; with dimmers to create the right mood and grounded dedicated circuits for each room, we are ready to finish up the last leg of construction: soundproofing.
I installed the cable run, weaving cables through walls and floor boards. It connects the two rooms by a maze of silence! This is going to be a super soundproof studio!!
The control room is nearly 95% finished. Drywall is up, walls have been puttied and painted. The entire recording/mixing station has been moved in from the 'bedroom' that we had been in.
The east wall and floor need finishing. The south dividing wall is insulated and ready for drywall.
The live room's south and east walls are insulated and ready for drywall (except the vent that needs installing in the east wall). All that's left is insulation for the ceiling...and to buy more insulation.